Outside Yacht Club and Its NFT Collection

The Origins and Vision of Outside Yacht Club

Embarking on a journey into the exclusive and digital realms of luxury, the Outside Yacht Club (OSYC) stands as a beacon of innovation within the NFT universe. The OSYC offers a unique proposition in a sea of digital collectibles, encapsulating a lifestyle that extends beyond the physical world.

Founding Story and Inspiration

The OSYC collection was created by 4 people, that missed out on one of the first and biggest Ape projects in the world of NFTs (BAYC). The OSYC project was created by, and for all those that missed out, ended up on the Outside! The OSYC collection consists of 5,555 unique NFTs, living on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each Ape is created with its unique DNA, by the projects own incredible artist Mario, and there are no duplicates to the project that inspired the OSYC.

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